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DecisionLogic was the first to market IAV technology in 2011 and we have since honed our unmatched solution for real-time bank data and ID verification to the tune of 100 million borrowers and counting. We are the only platform to offer multiple data providers, proprietary analytics and scoring, and Identity Verification powered by Experian in one powerful lookup. Our dedicated technical and customer support teams also stand behind every bank statement; meaning our in-house personnel is always available to offer custom assistance to you, your team and your customers.

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Whether online or storefront, automated or manual, DecisionLogic has perfected the customer journey. 
Start fraud-proofing your underwriting process with DecisionLogic’s digital bank statements. Real-time financial data to make decisioning lightning fast.
The need to digitize and automate processes in the auto industry has never been greater. DecisionLogic has the tools you need to reduce fraud and streamline underwriting in real time.
DecisionLogic is revolutionizing tenant verification services with digital bank statements, reducing the cost of goods by 35% and speeding up turnaround time from 3 days to seconds. 
Virtually eliminate fraud and monitor the account for the entire life cycle of the loan with DecisionLogic’s suite of automation tools. 
DecisionLogic is a tribal approved partner that understands your unique business needs eliminating the necessity for paper bank statements. 
With best in the industry conversion rates, unlimited support and a full suite of automation tools, DecisionLogic has the critical resources you need to scale your business. 

We work with every business that needs a real-time banking data solution. DecisionLogic is dedicated to helping our partners make faster, more informed credit and lending decisions. The power is in the banking data, and we are here to help you use it to take your business to the next level.