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Our Story

An information services company built around the predictive power of bank statements. We are a leading provider of consumer and small business bank account and identity verification services for lenders and other financial institutions. As the originator of this technology, we have become bank statement experts and our Instant Account Verification (IAV) solution has become the industry gold standard. Our commitment to “stand behind every bank statement” is unmatched in FinTech.

Our Mission

We seek to improve the financial health of consumers and the strength of businesses that rely on alternative financial data. We accomplish this through innovative technologies, our commitment to data quality and superior customer support.

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partner quote – LendSaas
“Your dependable solutions have not only streamlined our processes but also enhanced our capability to serve our customers with heightened efficiency and innovation.”
– LendSaas
partner quote – Answers Etc
“At Answers Etc., technology, function, and innovation are our drive and focus every day. Our valued and continued partnership with DecisionLogic provides advantages for our lending clients by creating greater efficiencies with IAV solutions.”
– Answers Etc.
partner quote – Upay
“We at UPAY have benefited immensely by using the services of DecisionLogic. Their Bank Statement Aggregation product is second-to-none! The data insights of their product have helped our clients make clear decisions on credit granting. DecisionLogic’s innovative solution has revolutionized the way our clients assess creditworthiness, allowing us to provide our clients with accurate and actionable information. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to helping us achieve our vetting goals have made them an invaluable partner in our journey.
We highly recommend DecisionLogic to anyone in the financial industry looking to enhance their credit assessment processes.
Thank you, DecisionLogic, for your exceptional product and unwavering support!”
– Upay Technology
partner quote – OnyxIQ
“Our Strategic Partners are immensely important because we trust them with our customers. DecisionLogic always exceeds expectations with fast and professional responses and an exemplary customer service.”
– OnyxIQ
partner quote – Qfund
“The ease and speed of integration, combined with the excellent technical support from our partner, DecisionLogic, has enabled us to deliver high-quality services to our shared clients.”
– QFund

The Talent Behind the Technology

Every client, regardless of size, has access to our world-class Support & Technical Teams who stand behind every Bank Statement. This means we will dig into the entire data subset and backend event history of any request to resolve issues and provide insights. So, who are these amazing people?

Ian quote

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“Helping people find ways to overcome adversity has always been a passion of mine. That’s what we do here at DL and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”
– Ian

Jordan quote

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“Great things happen when you have a group of individuals who have the same work ethic and mindset. That’s what we have here at DecisionLogic.”
– Jordan

Mari quote

Mari quote


DecisionLogic recognizes and celebrates success better than any other company that I have worked with, for both their team and their clients. I feel fortunate to work for a company that gives so much opportunity for growth and focuses on genuine service for their clients.
– Mari

Sean quote

Sean quote




“I am extremely proud of how everyone at DecisionLogic embraces change and continually strives to innovate and improve our product and processes.”
– Sean

Rogelio quote

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“I love getting the opportunity to think outside-of-the-box to deliver exceptional out-of-the-box products.”
– Rogelio