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Emerging Industries

Are you in revenue-based lending? Buy Now Pay Here? Or anything in between?

DecisionLogic can help remove friction in your process for a smooth user journey from first engagement and beyond! 

Virtually eliminate fraud by sending a DecisionLogic link right before funding to make sure there is no loan stacking.

If you’re targeting account monitoring solutions, use Instant Refresh to keep an eye on the account health throughout the term of the loan. 
Did “streamlined underwriting” make your list of must-haves? Up-to-the-minute transactional data allows you a panoramic view of loan positioning and recent account activity. 
Not to mention no need to get a new bank statement for renewals or collections, send a link and be done in minutes!


With best in the industry conversion rates, unlimited support and a full suite of automation tools, DecisionLogic has the critical resources you need to scale your business.

Eradicate fraudulent paystubs and banking statements by instantly accessing transaction data directly from financial institutions.

Effortlessly verify employment, income and deposit frequency through Summary Analytics.