Tribal Lending DecisionLogic

Tribal Lenders

Tribal Lenders across the nation have trusted DecisionLogic as a critical partner in their lending ecosystem. 

We understand the unique needs of this specialized vertical and have developed powerful solutions to streamline the collection of bank data allowing you to make better, faster loan decisions. 

As a licensed tribal vendor, we make onboarding virtually friction-free with custom pricing and the ability to facilitate individual entities under the same tribe or servicing company. 

We expedite automation from kickoff to go-live with unlimited integration, customer and borrower support included. Prioritized assistance from actual humans available via phone, email or chat. 


DecisionLogic is a tribal approved partner that understands your unique business needs eliminating the necessity for paper bank statements.

Target account monitoring optimizations, and keep an eye on the account health throughout the term of the loan.

Up-to-the-minute transactional data allows you a panoramic view of loan positioning, and recent activity.