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Auto Lending

Cars are built for speed, why isn’t auto lending? It can be with DecisionLogic and a real-time process. 
Boost conversion rates – The more borrowers with successful bank verification, the less time you spend on the labor-intensive, manual process of collecting possibly fraudulent hardcopies. And DecisionLogic has the best conversion rates in the industry.
Optimize decisioning – With DecisionLogic’s Auto Summary Analytics included with every report, you have the data points you need in seconds to make lending decisions lightning fast.

Automate the workflow – DecisionLogic has more than a decade of experience perfecting the user journey. Let us help you modernize your online process with API integration and custom UX recommendations. 

Cut down on vendors – Why use a vendor for Identity Verification, another for Bank Verification and yet another to manage it all? See if your LMS provider is integrated with DecisionLogic’s IAV and IDV products. If they aren’t, ask them to get integrated ASAP. This will centralize all your most critical underwriting tools in one place. 


The need to digitize and automate processes in the Auto industry has never been greater. DecisionLogic has the tools you need to reduce fraud and streamline underwriting in real time.

Eliminate fraudulent paystubs and banking statements with transaction data straight from the financial institution in seconds.

Instantly verify employment, income and deposit frequency with Summary Analytics.