How It Works

4 Easy Steps


Send A Link

Send your customer a DecisionLogic link via SMS message or email.

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Customer Opts-In

Your customer is prompted to enter their banking login credentials.

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Opt-In Successful

Once verified, your customer receives a success notification and is redirected to your website.

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View Bank Statement

You receive a read-only version of the customers bank statements.

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Decision Logic - How It Works

DecisionLogic offers both automated and manual workflows


DL gear integrations

DecisionLogic offers a suite of APIs and unlimited technical support to facilitate any workflow from simple to fully automated.


DecisionLogic portal

DecisionLogic’s lender portal requires zero tech time allowing you to be up and using the platform in as little as a day. 

Decision Logic - How It Works


  • Integration kick off call to discuss your individual business goals.
  • Implement APIs guided by our tech team’s years of industry knowledge.
  • Go live with your new integration and see the DecisionLogic difference in action.
  • Ongoing post launch maintenance to keep your waterfall optimized for the best conversion rates possible.
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Whether you are starting out or ready to scale, DecisionLogic has the technical tools you need to take your integration to the next level.

Decision Logic - How It Works


Step 1

Custom co-branded landing page and email set up.

Step 2

Training to assist you and your team make the most of the portal features.

Step 3

Ongoing support for you and your borrowers to maximize success rates.

Reports view of decisionLogic portal

DecisionLogic’s out-of-the-box solution is the perfect quick start if integration is not an immediate priority.  Our Portal is also the most user friendly dashboard in the industry for call center agents and customer support staff.


Integration & Support

From kickoff to post launch, we believe in being a true partner in your business. We offer free unlimited customer and technical support to all customers regardless of financial commitment. Real people helping real people via phone, chat, and email. Schedule a demo today and see the DecisionLogic difference in your business.