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Published on 3/10/2022

Who are we?

DecisionLogic is an information services company built around the predictive power of bank statements. We are a leading provider of borrower bank account and identity verification services for lenders and other financial institutions. 
Over the years and through hard work and innovation, we have become bank statement experts. Our Instant Account Verification (IAV) solution has become the industry gold standard.
Our mission is to improve financial lives.  We seek to better the loan process for lenders and borrowers to create opportunities for those in need to access financial assets which can be so critically important to their well-being. We achieve this through innovative technologies, our commitment to data quality and superior customer support.
What does that mean?
This means that we are a life goal facilitator and financial health shepherd to those who may have found themselves lost in the financial shuffle. Our service gives lenders a simple read-only view of a borrower’s transactional history allowing them to make faster, more accurate lending decisions at a point in a borrower’s life where they may desperately need it.
The account data comes directly from the bank virtually eliminating bank statement fraud. With the best bank coverage in the industry, including online institutions and credit unions, we cover 98% of all online bank accounts in the U.S. 
Our identity verification (IDV) product powered by Experian helps our lenders with compliance and KYC, while limiting vendor onboarding. Identity verification can also be added to any account verification pull streamlining the workflow even further. Two cutting-edge products with one invoice! 
Why do we do it?
We are committed to fast – Banking transaction history and identity verification in real-time, not days later. Our Summary Analytics and income scoring with every bank statement also pinpoint critical data points you need to make lightning-fast underwriting decisions.
We are committed to secure – We are CCPA, FCRA, and PCI compliant. We safeguard everything from the backend code to the borrower stepping through the process. We are continuously reviewing internal hardware, software, and processes for opportunities for enhanced risk shielding. 
We are committed to accurate – Our team will stand behind every bank statement, meaning we will dig into the entire event history and backend code to resolve any issues and provide insight.
We are committed to low friction – We founded the IAV technology and have spent more than a decade honing our user journey and onboarding to be what is now – the industry gold standard. You have no minimums or contracts, and your borrower can have as simple as a 2-step process that takes less than a minute to step through. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
We are committed to you – We have support teams to help you and your agents with everything from training to custom workflow recommendations. And to step your borrowers through the verification process should they need a guiding hand. We have technical teams to help your developers from kick off to go live and every sprint release in between. We are so committed to you that we offer this at no additional charge to every client regardless of length and size of relationship. We believe that’s what a true partner in your business would do, and that’s what we are. It’s the DecisionLogic difference.