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Instant Account Verification (IAV)

Our blended financial engine leverages key attributes of multiple Data Partners and Open Banking API’s to provide the most comprehensive transactional data in the industry.

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Decision Logic - How It Works
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Identity Verification (IDV)

Powered by Experian™, our advanced identity verification tool validates key personal information and flags critical risk factors. 

Decision Logic - How It Works

Summary Analytics

Proprietary scoring and data categorization to instantly identify key trends; powered by thousands of income and expense rules neatly distilled into actionable and easy-to-understand categories.

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Our Features Include

Live Support

We stand behind every bank statement with best-in-class support for you and your customers.

Free Workflow Reviews

Eager to boost your conversation rates? We review your workflow and recommend the smoothest user journey possible – no fees required.


Need to check on funds before taking a payment? Refresh for the newest available data with no borrower interaction.


Don’t have a website or technical team? Our lender portal can have you up and running same day.

No Contracts or Monthly Minimums

We know business needs change. We provide you the flexibility to make changes too. 

Free Integration + Support 

We are here for you and your team at no extra charge – as much or as little as you need us.

Income Stability Score

A propriety payroll and income score from all available account data gives you an instant pulse on your consumer’s cash flow.

Unlimited Free Training

What is the easiest way to train your team to make the most of our platform? Let us do it for you!

Integration + Automation

Whether you are just getting started or ready to scale, DecisionLogic is here to help. Using our 12 years of industry expertise and identified best practices, we support you and your team to achieve your integration goals. From user journey reviews to building custom rules and automated workflows, our suite of API’s are the tools you need to achieve your underwriting objectives.