Published on 2/1/2023

"Nothing is free"… but why not?

At DecisionLogic, we are well aware of how the IAV market treats its customers. Digital bank statements are big business, and it’s too easy to forget the value in customer service. Instead of nurturing and engaging, we see nickel and diming. Instead of upfront transparency, we see murky pricing and hidden commitments. Why do providers squeeze every penny when the ROI of “free” is so high?
Caring about your customers sounds simple, and it is. Statistics have shown again and again that the majority of customers will happily leave their current vendor for a company they feel values their business. And not in the canned “Thank you for being a (company name) customer” way. Customers want to feel like their business is valued past the invoice amount. Putting a price on support is a huge way some companies express exactly how much you mean to them. While this may be fine for giant conglomerates that depend on quantity vs. quality, DecisionLogic stands for data AND pricing transparency, so that other way of doing things won’t cut it. 
Another benefit we offer that is consistently overlooked by other digital bank statement services is training. We LOVE training clients at DecisionLogic. And we love to train internally, too. We are constantly educating our teams on everything from product knowledge, to troubleshooting to industry trends to share with our customers. Training is super important to help our clients utilize the platform and our services to the best degree possible. Whether it’s best practices training, refresher training or something more curated (i.e. how to read an Identity Verification report or where to put Instant Refresh in your waterfall); our world-class Support Team will happily take your agents through the process. Training also makes your team members more comfortable with the product, allowing them to be more confident with your customers. Who doesn’t want a more confident agent? 

Have you heard the phase “information is power”? We have too. The problem is power can be used for good or well… not so good. We choose to use our years of experience in the Instant Account Verification industry to guide our customers to the best conversion rates possible. We understand that every business is unique and their needs and goals are too. There is no one-size-fits all verification solution, and through this knowledge we come highly equipped to make recommendations that best suit your business. Not your competitor’s business, not your neighbor’s business, YOUR business. 

To that end, our Support Teams are extremely accessible. If you feel like picking up the phone is how to get the job done, you can call us. If email is your preferred method, you have that option too. If multitasking is your main stay, you can chat with us directly on our website. We don’t just say we want to help; we are actually HERE to help. 


As the pioneer of the Instant Account Verification industry, we know a thing or two about what you get for free, and it can be summed up in 4 sentences:

It is free to care about your customers, and we do! 

It is free to train your customers to use your product in the most effective way possible, we do that too! 
It is free to suggest optimizations based on our own tenured knowledge of the industry and a client’s customized workflow, that’s us again! 
It is free to be a true partner in your customer’s business, so we are.