Our service enables lenders to enhance the speed and accuracy of their qualification decisions reducing losses. Borrowers benefit from privacy, security, convenience, faster loan decisions and possibly larger loan amounts.

Most requests allow three (3) login attempts to correctly verify your banking credentials. After three (3) unsuccessful attempts, the request is locked for security purposes. To successfully complete the process, please confirm your login credentials (by going to your online bank account and making sure you can login successfully there first) and then ask for a new request from your lender. 

Yes! Neither DecisionLogic nor your lender can ever see your user ID or password, nor can we “login” to your account. This system allows you to securely and privately submit an online, read-only copy of your bank statement. Our platform was designed specially to enhance your privacy and security. It operates at a 256‐bit encryption level. Additionally, the DecisionLogic’s Privacy Program is aligned with global, federal, and state privacy regulations, standards and best practices. DecisionLogic has been audited by a qualified third-party Security Assessor to become SOC-2 certified. This means we have the highest implemented and documented procedures for data protection.

Fear not! We are here to help! Email us at support@decisionloigic.com or call us at (858) 586-0202 to connect with a Client Success Specialist. 


Yes! We have a suite of APIs to fit your unique business workflow needs.
Yes! You can fully automate your process using our APIs.
Absolutely! If we are partners with your LMS, it is typically a fast process. If we are not currently partnered with your LMS, please give us your point of contact and we will reach out to them about partnership with DL. 
Yes, we do! We can also create more than one sandbox environment if you need a separate testing environment for QA, UAT, etc.
It’s free! DecisionLogic provides you with the all the tools your team needs to successfully integrate the platform into your application.  Our integration specialists are also available via call or email to help guide the process and answer any questions your team may have.


A pending transactions is a recent transaction that has not yet been fully processed by the bank. If the bank does not take the funds from your account, in most cases, it will drop off the account transactions after 7 days. Not all banks return/show pending transactions.
We return two separate balances for an account: 
·         Available balance which does include the pending or held transactions amount 
·         Current balance which does not include pending or held transactions
There are several reasons this can happen. The most common is the borrower changed their login credentials which severs the link to the request. It’s also possible that the borrower’s bank rotated their security questions. This has the same effect as the borrower changing their credentials. 


We support 98% of all online bank accounts and 12 of the top 15 banking alternatives in the United States.
We support banks and credit unions throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Coverage of the UK and Germany will be available soon.
Yes, we support two factor authentication. The borrower will either see a box for them to enter a one-time pin or be asked to enter security question response. What they get is all bank specific. The institution sends the OTP and chooses what question to answer.
If a borrower states they are not getting the OTP or doesn’t recognize the security questions, they will have to ensure their cellphone is opted in for two-step authentication or reset their security questions.
If you see an incorrect connection, please reach out to us at support@decisionlogic.com to confirm if we support the correct endpoint for the requested routing number. If we don’t, we are happy to have our data providers to attempt to set up a connection. 
In the DecisionLogic Portal, select the “Banks” tab. Here, you can search for a supported bank by name or routing number.


You are charged 1 credit for a successful request, 1/2 credit for account errors and 1/2 credit for refresh. You are never charged for bank errors.
Please contact billing@decisionlogic.com for any questions regarding your invoice.
Please contact billing@decisionlogic.com to add a credit package.
In the DL Portal, select the “Admin” tab, then “Users” from the drop-down menu. 
Select the username you need to edit, scroll down to the “Status” drop-down menu and set it to the appropriate user status. 

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