In order to aid in the underwriting process, DecisionLogic generates a read-only copy of your bank statement aiding you and your lender in making a fast and accurate decision on your loan application. All of our data providers are worldwide leaders in data aggregation as well as personal financial management solutions and are extremely accurate. Although we are not considered to be a Credit Bureau, we are a Credit Reporting Agency and provide all the opportunities afforded by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Multiple geographic location-based laws may empower consumers to access, modify and/or delete their personal data. You may contact us directly at any time with your requests or use the forms below.

Consumer Requests

Request a copy of report
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DecisionLogic is basically a facilitator of the exchange of information between you and your lender. We do nothing without your express permission and do not participate in making loan decisions. However, if you have been denied credit or had adverse action taken on your loan application, and, your lender has stated that the adverse action is based on information provided by a DecisionLogic Report, you are entitled to a free copy of your DecisionLogic Report. To obtain a copy of your DecisionLogic Report please click here to download our DecisionLogic Consumer Report Request Form. Once successfully downloaded, please complete the form and submit it along with a copy of your bank statement and Request Code our report reflects as well as the proper identification as outlined in the following Consumer Report Request Form.

(858) 586-0202

DecisionLogic is a Read-Only copy of your bank statement which you authorized your lender to view when applying for a loan. There are many benefits to the service for both the borrower and lender. Traditionally a borrower would have to either fax or hand carry a copy of their bank statement. This created many problems including privacy, security, inconvenience and delay. DecisionLogic has alleviated these problems improving the lending process for millions of people. Although, our process simply retrieves a copy of your bank statement from a Tier One data aggregator, there is always a slight possibility a mistake can occur. After receiving your DecisionLogic Report, if there is any information on the report in which you are in disagreement, please click here to make a request for an Investigation of your DecisionLogic Report. Upon receipt of your written dispute we will conduct an investigation and mail you the results within 30 days. Please realize that only inaccurate information may be removed or changed. Negative information that is accurate must stay on the Report.

(858) 586-0202

Upon your request and proof of identification, you may request DecisionLogic delete your information. DecisionLogic may have information on multiple statement types. If you require a specific type of information, please state so in your request. This will prevent the Lender from any future viewings or processing of your information. Once this process is executed, the Lender will be notified as well. You will receive a status email including the conclusion of the entire process. To begin this process, please click here.

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