Published on 3/2/2022

Are you making the most of all your DL features?​

Refresh – Allows you to pull the most recent borrower transactions on a completed request without requiring borrower interaction. (Some restrictions apply)
Summary Analytics  Allows clients the ability to quickly identify key trends from over 25 income and spending categories in an easy-to-read format. 
Summary Analytics Stability Scores – Looks at a particular type of transaction in a single account and attempts to score it on its stability. If a ‘Request Code’ has more than one account returned, the transaction type is scored for each account separately. 
Income Stability Score  Aggregates the ‘Payroll Stability Score’ from all the accounts found and builds a new combined score. This gives lenders an instant read on income consistency for underwriting and repayment decisions. 
Customer support – Our world class support team is available to assist you and your borrowers. We stand behind every bank statement meaning that we will dig through the entire back log of any reported request to get you the details and suggested next steps.
Integration support – Through dedicated calls and email, our tech specialists will assist and guide you through the integration process from kick off call to production release.